• I am a Kensington independent courtesan….and I love to love you!

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    What Is A True Kensington Independent Courtesan About?


    The art of a true Kensington independent courtesan is rarely understood or held in mind.

    What is a true Kensington independent courtesan really about then?

    Dear Special Friend & Special Friend 2 B,What Is A Kensington Independent Courtesan About? Learn the passion of a Venetian escort based in Central London. Learn the art of an Italian courtesan! Sx

    Kensington Independent courteans have become more competitive than ever before. I am sure you have noticed. Some claim to be supreme goddesses, but substance is questionable. Others offer rather saddening “Christmas specials” or some other kind of specials, and some others tell you what you are looking for, when searching for a UK independent escort.

    I, as an independent Kensington courtesan, do not aim to tell you what you want. I will not even tell you how you should want it and how it should be. It isn’t my intention to patronize you. I also do not offer specials I am afraid. Why? I do not promote special offers because I am special! I am a wonderful person with so much to give, that a special offer would do nothing but to objectify me. I am sorry my Special friend 2 B, but this is something I refuse to do as I feel it would only diminish who I am and suppress my creativity and inspiration for life itself, as both a woman and as an inspired London independent courtesan.

    As your independent courtesan in Kensington, what I do wish to do, is to resuscitate the meaning of a true courtesan. Such a meaning, I find  to be the most sympathetic to myself. I wish to bring back to life a long lost concept. Let’s recreate a long lost world in which services were never to define a lady and courtesans, were special friends and sensual lovers, and most of all, truly independent minded people would take care of each other.

    I am an independent Venetian companion based in Kensington, I come from a city of intellect, charm, love, art, poetry, and fantasy. The way we live is different from others on this globe, as we live on water, eat things which are mostly unique to Venetians, experience unique surroundings daily, and our mannerism sets us apart from most Italians. As a Venetian (born in the actual Venice itself as I was born at home, not in hospital), I hold as part of my history  Veronica Franco, a quite bewildering to the contemporary mind. Born in 1546 in Venice itself like me, she was a cortigiana onesta — an intellectual courtesan —or better translated – an honest courtesan – the equivalent of a modern-day escort? Well, we could argue that couldn’t we. Over her lifetime she rose in rank to be a respected poet and charitable organizer, as well as one of the leading escorts of her time, providing for her family by her work.


    “I resolved to make a virtue of my need.”

    By Veronica franco.What Is A Kensington Independent Courtesan About? Learn the passion of a Venetian escort based in Central London. Learn the art of an Italian courtesan! Sx


    In the mid-sixteenth century during which she lived, being a professional escort was a somewhat respected business. Royals were known to consort with these educated, classy women who were trained in the arts and were generally involved in the social politics of their time. But Franco took this profession to a new level when she decided to own and celebrate it but not let it confine her to what courtesans were “supposed to be”.

    But what sets her still above and apart from the escorts (and definitely the common prostitutes) of her time was how she expressed her own ideas and artistic desires. She did this with intelligence, insight, passion, and creativity, which is what I relate to myself the most as an independent escort in Kensington.

    In her poetry, Franco was honest about her profession, and rather proud of it and I am so glad I can say the same! The style of poetry everywhere outside Venice at the time was mostly Petrarchan. Petrarch developed the humanist ideas of Plato, which meant that instead of educating the population only in law, medicine, mathematics and other such trades as Aristotelian Venice insisted, they should also be educated in what we now know of as the humanities — grammar, history, poetry and ethics. Guess what, this is exactly what I did and still do to thisday in London, when not engaged as an independent courtesan.

    This led to a style of poetry that truly looked at humans as people and studied how and why they existed. Yet most of these poems were written by men. The women in them were often silent, cold, unattainable and subject to blame for whatever it was the poet was going on about.

    Franco challenged this form of poetry in her own. She wrote love sonnets about herself and her work, addressing them to her lovers and clients. In them she was brazenly sexual and sensual, apologizing for nothing. Instead of the Petrarchan form that was one-sided and spoken from the point of view of the writer, she wrote in conversation and engagement. And when another poet questioned her talent as a writer or her morality as a person, she was not shy in challenging back through words.


    “I speak the truth, amongst so many women, I will be the first to act, setting an example for them to follow.”

    By Veronica Franco.


    She was socializing in intelligent circles where she was respected. And both her escorting and writing businesses were healthy and whole. she detailed what her life as a “professional escort” meant. She portrayed her profession as a rather virtuous one and retained and exercised a charitable inclination.

    While respected for her style and intelligence, she was often criticized for her content. But she believed in what she wrote, so she didn’t seem to care who disagreed with her.

    This was a very smart, educated woman who was incredibly forward-thinking, liberal and feminist. And, yes, she also happened to be an “independent courtesan” like myself.

    Though Franco died less wealthy than she lived for most of her life, there is no sad ending to her story. Rather, hers is a life to be looked at with admiration. She lived independently of any man, working for herself and choosing on her own what was right and wrong with the world, with the relationships between men and women and with what she should do with her body. She never apologized for her profession but, rather, tried to raise it on a pedestal so as to inspire other women to also become truly independent courtesans.

    “Independent Courtesan” Veronica Franco is the perfect example in this particular context as to what matter is not what you do, but how you do it. It matters how you do whatever you do, and is defined by your passion, inspiration. Feel ove for what you do, be it a cook, scientist, lawyer, or a Kensington independent courtesan.


    I am a Kensington independent courtesan….smarter than an average bear lol. I love to love you!

    Serena xxx…

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